The importance of coffee breaks

‘Elevenses’ is a traditional coffee or tea break taken around 11am – but coffee breaks within the UK aren’t limited to late morning. With the workplace often filled with deadlines and demands, in
many circles, breaks are seen as an integral part of the working day. With some businesses creating a central area where employees from different departments can gather, allowing colleagues to communicate face-to-face rather than through email.

Taking a coffee break gives employees the opportunity and environment to break from the sedentary rhythm of office life, socialise with colleagues, improve working relationships, share perspectives and ideas, gain new insights and knowledge, and deal with stress and emotional pressure. A survey conducted by Nespresso shows that coffee breaks reinforce the feeling of belonging.

In fact, 79% of employees consider these breaks as the most efficient way to boost team spirit, whilst improving productivity and easing conflicts; for 91% of employees it is the ideal moment to build personal exchanges with colleagues.

Investing in catering essentials and kitchen supplies within your business can have many benefits:

  • Improves worker productivity
  • Improves job satisfaction
  • Helps employees feel valued
  • Keeps employees on site
  • Keeps clients and prospective talents impressed

So what are you waiting for get the biscuit tin stocked and the kettle on!